Agent Interview

 A Seller’s Guide To Interviewing A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home:


There are thousands of real estate licensees in the area.  Choosing the right agent for your home can be confusing.  It is especially difficult when you speak with several agents, and they all seem so convincing.

There is a way to determine who is most likely to succeed in getting your price and terms.  The key is knowing the right questions to ask.  This is especially important now, as homes are selling more slowly.

The following list provides you with some questions to ask prospective agents.  This list will not only help you select the right agent, but also get the very best from the one you choose:

  • Do you work as a Full-Time REALTOR® ?

  • How long have you been actively licensed?

  • How many people are on your team?

  • Do you have a Team to insure that all details are handled?

  • What is the average time on the Market versus the MLS?

  • What is your average list to sell ratio and how does that compare to the rest of the MLS?

  • What percentage of your accepted contracts close? What percentage does not?

  • Do you have a Mission Statement?

  • How many potential buyers for homes do you communicate with daily?

  • Do You have a Website for Potential Buyers for this Community

  • How will you encourage other REALTORS® to show my home?

  • Do you have a system of follow up, so that we get valuable feedback from agents and buyers after showings?

  • Do you have references that I may check?

  • How do you promote buyers for homes specific to this community?

  • How do you expose my property on the Internet?

  • Do you have a Specific Marketing Plan to sell my home?

  • Do you have a Specific Pricing Strategy to get, top dollar?

  • Would you recommend that I accept an “AS IS” Contract from a Buyer?

  • Can you tell me about the difference between “passive” and “Pro-Active” Marketing?”

  • Do you believe in “Target Marketing” (marketing to the buyers who want what your home offers)?  Why or why not?

If the REALTOR® you are interviewing cannot answer your questions, you are interviewing the wrong REALTOR® .