Offer Process

The Offer Process, A Quick Overview:

1. The agent for the buyer presents the offer to me. We will ask very detailed questions, so you are well prepared.

2. After the buyer’s agent has answered all of our questions, we will privately review the offer with you and ASSIST you with making a decision to accept or counter the offer.

3. Here Are A Few Items To Pay Special Attention To:


  • The Written Offer’s Contract Type is crucial.

  • No “AS IS Contracts!” This is very important!

  • Interest rate should be close to prevailing rates.

  • What is the length of time for loan approval?

  • Who is paying for the title insurance and escrow fees?

  • Time frames on all inspections.

  • Who is paying for inspections and/or repairs?

  • Length of contract.

  • What is the amount of the 1st deposit and the 2nd deposit?

  • What is your bottom-line net? You should ALWAYS know this before accepting an offer!

  • Are there any seller concessions?

  • What type of financing?

  • Are there any contingencies, such as sale of buyers home?

  • Are they asking for any personal belongings such as furniture?

  • Do they have a Pre-approval and/or do they have proof of funds?