Yard Sign

The Real Estate Sign Placed In Your Yard Impacts Your Marketing More Than You Know!


The Problem: The phone number on your sign is often answered by a “staff person” or an agent sitting on “floor time”.  The person who knows the most about your home does not even take those calls.

The Solution: Place a “direct” phone number to the agent on that sign instead of the phone number to the real estate office.


The Benefit to You:

The Benefit to your Buyer:


Your buyers have direct access to your Real Estate agent.

Buyers have direct access to your agent who knows your home the best.

Your agent handles the calls regarding the home instead of an agent who may have never seen your home.

Buyers have access to details about your home immediately.

Your agent is much more likely to “show’ your home to prospects.

Buyers can avoid giving their personal info to an agent who just wants to sell them a house.

Your agent represents your best interest even when helping the prospect.

Buyers do not have to wait to find out details, status, or price.